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Administrative Delegation #40 Rescinded

Administrative #40 Rescinded
AUG 19 2008

TO: Director
Through: IHS/ESS: /LK/
               DDMO: /RG/

FROM: Acting Director
Management Policy and Internal Control Staff

SUBJECT: Rescission of Delegation of Authority, Administrative #40, "Delegation of Authority for Indian Health Service Headquarters - West Operations" -- ACTION


The purpose of this memorandum is to request your approval to rescind the Indian Health Service (IHS) Delegation of Authority (DOA), Administrative #40, and ?Delegation of Authority for Indian Health Service Headquarters-West Operations.?


This DOA is being rescinded because the designation of Headquarters-West no longer exists in the functional statements of the IHS.


I recommend you approve the rescission of this DOA by initialing on the ?Approved? line that follows, and by signing the Transmittal Notice at Tab A.


Approved:     /RGM/     Disapproved:__________  Date:  9/20/08

/Curtis M. Kitto/
Curtis M. Kitto

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