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Administrative Delegation #55 Evaluation Criteria Attachment

DOA, Admin #55


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Subject Matter Expertise
    • Knowledge of laws, policies, and procedures that govern the negotiation of contract proposals by Tribes or Tribal Organizations for the assumption and operation of IHS programs, functions, services, and activities, as authorized by the ISDEAA.
    • Familiarity with IHS organizational structure, programs, services, functions, and activities; policy statements and memorandums; and budget and budget process.
    • Previous experience working with Tribes and Tribal Organizations, or demonstrated understanding of the process of working with Tribal entities.
  • Skills
    • Strong oral and written communication skills, including the ability to communicate complex issues, present Agency positions to a Tribal audience, prepare decision memoranda for IHS Senior Leadership, and establish and maintain communication with Tribes.
    • Strong negotiation skills, which include the ability to educate others about the recommendations, and the ability to work with others toward an agreement.
    • Building and leading teams of diverse subject matter experts to effectively gather information, analyze issues, and draw conclusions.