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Personnel Delegation #10

Personnel Delegation #10

JUL 18 1994

TO: Director of Headquarters Operations

FROM: Director

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority to Detail Personnel

Authority Delegated and to Whom

  1. Pursuant to the authority delegated to the Director, Indian Health Service, by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Management Operations on May 18, 1994, I hereby delegate to the Director of Headquarters Operations, for IHS, the authorities to detail civil service personnel pursuant to Section 3341 of Title 5, United States Code, and to detail civil service personnel to and from other Federal organizations as follows:

    Approve details in increments of 120 days or less subject to statutory and other requirements:

    1. within their respective organizations; and
    2. to other components within the Department, except as covered by paragraph 2. below.
  2. Effective September 29, 1993, the Assistant Secretary for Personnel Administration (ASPER) authorized Regional Directors to approve details of personnel under their appointing authority among components of Operating Divisions and units of the Office of the Secretary within the same region for 30 days or more but not to exceed 120.days.  Such details must have the written concurrence of the principal regional representatives of both components.
  3. Effective September 29, 1993, ASPER authorized the Public Health Service (PHS) supervisors to approve details of 30 days or less;
    1. For employees under their supervision to positions within the Department, whether with or outside the organization in which the employee is working;
    2. For employees under their supervision to another Federal department or agency except for details to the Executive Office of the President, to interagency task forces, and to the Legislative and Judicial branches; and
    3. For employees from another Federal Department or agency, except for details from the Executive Office of the President, and the Legislative and Judicial branches, to positions under their supervision.

Redelegations and Restrictions

  1. ASPER retains the authority to approve all details to or from the Executive Office of the President, to interagency task forces, and to or from the Legislative and Judicial branches, except that the Secretary must approve all details to the Congress.
  2. The Assistant Secretary for Health (ASH) retains the authority to approve details to or from other Executive Branch components over 30 days but not to exceed 180 days.  Such details may be approved only when they have a direct programmatic relationship to the Department's mission.  Extensions of interagency details may be approved by ASH in accordance with applicable decisions of the Comptroller General.
  3. The authority delegated in paragraph 1a. may be redelegated with further redelegation authorized.  The authority delegated in paragraph 1b. above may not be redelegated.
  4. The authority in paragraph 3. above may not be used to extend a previously approved detail.
  5. Provision for detailing SES and equivalent employees are not covered by this delegation.

Information and Guidance

  1. Requirements and instructions for exercising this authority are contained in Health and Human Services Personnel Instruction 300-3.
  2. This delegation supersedes the subject delegation of authority covered by a Memorandum Blanket Delegation of Authority to the DHO from the Director, IHS, dated September 21, 1989.  To the extent that previous redelegations of the authority to detail personnel made to other officials within IHS are consistent with the provisions of this delegation they may remain in effect until new redelegations are made under the authority of this delegation.

Effective Date

This delegation is effective upon date of signature.

/Michael H. Trujillo, M.D./
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General

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