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Personnel Delegation #26

Personnel Delegation #26

NOV 23 1994

TO: Director
Division of Personnel Management

FROM: Acting Associate Director
Office of Human Resources

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority for Physicians Comparability Allowance

Authority Delegated and To Whom

  1. Pursuant to the authority delegated to the Associate Director, Office of Human Resources by the Director of Headquarters Operations on November 21, 1994, I hereby delegate to the Director, Division of Personnel Management, Office of Human Resources (OHR), to be exercised for IHS Headquarters, the authorities shown below:
    1. to certify that a physician is required in a position relative to the payment of Physicians Comparability Allowance (PCA); and
    2. to approve and issue PCA agreements (form PHS-6106) and determine actual allowances to be paid to physicians.

Redelegation and Restrictions

  1. The DASHMO retains the authority to determine the conditions under which repayment of PCA may be waived when an employee terminates a PCA service agreement with PHS, and to approve requests for such waivers.
  2. The authorities delegated in paragraph 1. above may be redelegated with further redelegation authorized.

Information and Guidance

  1. Requirements and Instructions for exercising these authorities are contained in Health and Human Services Personnel Instruction 595-1, and PHS Personnel Circular 595-1.

Prior Delegations

  1. None.

Effective Date

  1. This delegation is effective upon date of signature.

    /Robert G. McSwain/
    Robert G. McSwain

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