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Personnel Delegation #27

Personnel Delegation #27

Date:  NOV 20 1990

From: Director of Headquarters Operations

Subject: Temporary Delegation of Authority to Determine the Use of Commercial Recruiting Firms and Nonprofit Employment Services

To: Associate Director
Office of Administration and Management

Pursuant to the authority delegated to the Director, Indian Health Service (IHS), by the Director, Office of Management, PHS, on May 1, 1989, and subsequently redelegated to Director of Headquarters Operations on September 21, 1989, I hereby delegate to the Associate Director, Office of Administration and Management {OAM), for IHS Headquarters, excluding the Office of Health Program Research and Development (OHPRD), Tucson, Arizona, the authority to make determinations about when the use of recruiting firms and nonprofit employment services is appropriate.  This is a temporary delegation pending the issuance of the formal delegation of authority from Assistant Secretary for Personnel Administration (ASPER).


This authority may be redelegated to the Director, Division of Personnel Management, OAM, IHS, with no further redelegation authorized.


Rules and regulations for exercising this authority are contained in Federal Register Vol. 53, No. 245, 51219-51222, dated December 21, 1988 (FPM Bulletin 300-89, dated January 10, 1989).




This delegation is effective upon date of signature.

/Robert Marsland/
Robert A. Marsland
Assistant Surgeon General

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