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Personnel Delegation #30

Personnel Delegation #30

APR 4 1995

To: Director, Indian Health Service

From: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Management Operations

Subject: Delegation of Personnel. Management Authorities for the IHS Area and Service Unit Personnel Staffs

Authority Delegated and to Whom

  1. Pursuant to the authority delegated by the Assistant Secretary for Personnel Administration (ASPER) to the Assistant Secretary for Health-on February 22, 1995, and the January 14, 1991, Delegation of Personnel Administration and Personnel Management Authorities from the Acting Assistant Secretary for Health to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Management Operations, PHS, I hereby delegate to the Director, Indian Health Service (IHS),. PHS, the personnel management authorities listed below for the employees in the IHS Area and Service Unit personnel offices.  These authorities were, previously delegated to the Regional Directors in Regions VI, VIII, IX and X.

    This delegation includes authority to:

    1. Select employees;
    2. Make decisions on final.performance ratings and performance awards;
    3. Grant incentive awards;
    4. Propose and make decisions on adverse actions under HHS Personnel Instruction 752-1;
    5. Propose, decide and concur in reductions ingrade and removals under HHS Personnel Instruction 432-1;
    6. Issue grievance decisions under HHS Personnel Instruction 771-3;
    7. Grant leave, excuse absence, and approve the restoration of annual leave
    8. Approve overtime;
    9. Determine action on Quality Step Increases;
    10. Determine action on Within Grade Increases; and
    11. Approve training.

Redelegations and Restrictions

  1. The authorities delegated in paragraph 1 above may be redelegated.  Where authorities are covered by existing redelegations of authority from the Director, IHS, to other IHS management officials, required.  No additional redelegation is required
  2. The authorities delegated in paragraphs 1a. and b., above, require prior concurrence by the Director, Division of Personnel Management, IHS, for supervisory positions at GS-12 and above

Information and Guidance

  1. Information and requirements for exercising these authorities are contained in various laws, regulations and HHS and PHS Personnel Instructions associated with the subject areas.

Effective Date

  1. This delegation is effective April 1,1995.

/Tony Itteilag/
Anthony L. Itteilag

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