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Personnel Delegation #36

Personnel Delegation #30

OCT 19 1999

TO: See Below

FROM: Director of Headquarters Operations

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority to Approve and Acquire Training

Authority Delegated

Pursuant to the authority delegated to the Director of Headquarters Operations (DHO) by the Director, Indian Health Service (IHS), on November 2, 1995, I hereby delegate to the employees identified below within their respective organizations the authority to approve and acquire training.

Approval authority is the authority to provide employees with training as a means of enhancing individual or group performance that contributes to the organization's mission.  Approval authority includes the authority to:

  1. assess training needs;
  2. select employees for training;
  3. manage and provide training within the provisions of 5 United States Code (U.S.C.) Chapter 41;
  4. ensure that the training conforms to relevant laws, regulations, and Department and IHS requirements; and
  5. assess the effectiveness of training.

Acquisition authority is the authority to approve "off-the-shelf" training for individual employees or groups of employees under the authority of the Government Employees Training Act.

"Off-the-shelf training" is training with standard features and costs established in catalogs or other printed material available to the general public, or training offered by an individual consultant or firm where standard features and costs are established based on past practices.  Off-the-shelf training costs do not include employee travel or development of training materials.

To Whom Delegated

Office Directors, Office of the Director Director
Office of Public Health (OPH)
Executive Officer, OPH
Division Directors, OPH
Director, Office of Management Support (OMS)
Executive Officer, OMS
Division and Staff Directors, OMS

Restrictions and Redelegations

  1. The Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget (ASMB) retains the authority to approve and acquire Department-wide training that is managed by the Office of the ASMB.
  2. The authority to approve IHS-wide training that is 120 days or longer is retained by the Director, IHS.
  3. The dollar limits and guidelines for "micro purchases" established by the Office of Management and Budget apply to training acquired under this authority.
  4. The authority delegated herein may be redelegated.

Information and Guidance

Requirements and instructions for exercising these authorities are contained in 5 U.S.C., Chapter 41; 5 Code of Federal Regulations 410; Health and Human Services Personnel Instruction 410-1; and the Indian Health Manual, Part 7, Chapter 4 , "Human Resource and Organization Development."


This delegation supersedes the November 2, 1995, Delegation of Authority memorandum (Subject:  "Delegation of Authority to Approve and Acquire Training") from the DHO to the Acting Associate Director, Office of Human Resources; the Director, Division of Personnel Management (DPM.); the Chief, Career Development and Training Branch, DPM; the Personnel Management Specialist, Albuquerque, New Mexico; and the Associate Director, Office of Health Program Research and Development.

Effective Date

This delegation is effective upon date of signature.

/Phyllis Eddy for/
Luana L. Reyes


Office Directors, Office of the Director
Director, OPH
Executive Officer, OPH
Division Directors, OPH
Director, OMS
Executive Officer, OMS
Division & Staff Directors, OMS

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