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Personnel Delegation #48

Personnel Delegation #48

JUL 24, 1995

TO: Area Directors

FROM: Acting Director of Headquarters Operations

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority to Establish Workweeks and Work Schedules

Authority Delegated and To Whom

  1. Pursuant to the authority delegated to the Director of Headquarters Operations by the Director, Indian Health Service (IHS), on JUL 24 1995, I hereby delegate to the Area Directors, for employees in their Areas, the authority to:
    1. Establish or change the working hours for full-time employees
    2. Make exceptions to the basic workweek of five consecutive 8-hour days Monday through Friday for full-time employees in the organization in order to establish work schedules to begin on any day of the week, or to establish the first 40 hours of duty performed within a period of not more than 6 days in the administrative workweek of Sunday through Saturday as the basic workweek.
    3. Establish work schedules for part-time employees.
    4. Make an exception, on an individual case basis, to the established work schedules of full-time employees for educational purposes or under other circumstances when such exception is considered to be warranted.
    5. To establish for pay purposes a regularly scheduled administrative workweek other than Sunday through Saturday.
    6. Make assignments to tours of duty when shift or rotational tours,are required.

Redelegations and Restrictions

  1. The authorities delegated in paragraph 1. above may be redelegated with further redelegation authorized.

Information and Restrictions

  1. Requirements and instructions for exercising these authorities are contained in 5 U.S.C. Chapter 61 and 5 CFR Part 610

Prior Delegations

  1. This delegation supersedes the delegation of authority contained in the Indian Health Manual Part 1, Chapter 5 Delegations of Authority, Exhibit l-5.2F-2, Establish Workweeks and Work Schedules, dated September 12, 1986.

Effective Date

  1. This delegation is effective upon date of Signature.  In addition, I hereby affirm and ratify any actions taken by my subordinates, which, in effect, involved the exercise of the authority, delegated herein prior to the effective date of this delegation.

/Luana L. Reyes/
Luana Reyes

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