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Personnel Delegation #51

Personnel Delegation #51

June 30 1995

TO: Area Directors
Associate Director
Office of Health Program Research and Development

FROM: Acting Director
Division of Personnel Management

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority to Waive Mandatory Electronic Funds Transfer

Authority Delegated and to Whom

  1. Pursuant to the authority delegated to the Director, Division of Personnel Management, Office of Human Resources, Indian Health Service (IHS), by the Director, Office of Personnel Management, Public Health Service, on February 17, 1995, I hereby delegate to the Area Directors, IHS, and Associate Director, Office of Health Program Research and Development (OHPRD), the authority to waive mandatory electronic funds transfer for Federal wage, salary or retirement payments upon written request by the recipient, for their respective organizations.

Redelegations and Restrictions

  1. This authority applies to recipients who begin to receive such payments on or after January 1, 1995, including new Federal employees, new Federal retirees, and those hired from outside the Department of Health and Human Services.
  2. This authority may be redelegated to Personnel Officials.  Any redelegation of this authority must be in writing.

Information and Guidance

  1. This authority must be exercised in accordance with the provision of Public Law 103-356, Title 4 United States Code 401 and 402, and pertinent regulations of the Department of Treasury.



Effective Date

  1. This delegation is effective upon date of signature.  In addition, I hereby affirm and ratify any actions taken by my subordinates, which, in effect, involved the exercise of the authority delegated herein prior to the effective date of this delegation.

/Linus Everling, M.D./
Linus Everling, M.D., M.P.H.

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