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Personnel Delegation #39

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Personnel Delegation #39

Date:  APR 30 1991

From: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Management Operations

Subject: Delegation of Authority to Approve payment of Travel Expenses for Pre-employment Interviews

To: PHS Agency Heads

Authority Delegated and To Whom

Pursuant to the authority delegated by the Assistant Secretary for Personnel Administration to the Assistant Secretary for Health on April 8, 1991; and, the January l4, 1991 Delegation of Personnel Administration and Personnel Management Authorities from the Acting Assistant Secretary for Health to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Management Operations; PHS I hereby delegate to the PHS Agency Heads the authority to approve payment of travel expenses for pre-employment interviews for positions within their respective agencies.

Department policy permits the payment of travel expenses for pre-employment interviews when, the selecting official has determined that it is in tlae best interest of the Department to recruit outside the commuting area and pay interview expenses.

Redelegation and Restrictions

This authority may be redelegated with further redelegation authorized.

Information and Guidance

Requirements and instructions for exercising this authority are contained in USOPM regulations, and DHHS Instruction 571-2.

Effective Date

This delegation is effective upon date of signature.

/Tony Itteilag/
Anthony L. Itteilag

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