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     Indian Health Manual

Part 5, Chapter 15:  Manual Appendix 5-15-B

Publications - NARA Guidance

These publications are available from:

National Archives and Records Administration
Office of Records Administration
National Archives at College Park
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland, 20740-6001.
(301) 713-7210

  1. "Disposition of Federal Records," 1992 Edition.  Describes how to develop, implement, and evaluate records disposition programs in Federal agencies.  Includes text of Federal laws and regulations affecting records disposition.

  2. "A Federal Records Management Glossary," 1993 Edition.  Provides definitions for words frequently used by information managers.

  3. "Checklist for Evaluating Recordkeeping Practices in Your Office," 1991 Edition.  Provides guidelines for reviewing recordkeeping practices in your office.  Provides specific questions and general rules in the following topic areas:  (1) Recordkeeping Practices, (2) File Less, (3) Subject Filing, (4) Electronic Records, (5) Technical Reference, and (6) Daily Filing.

  4. "Federal Records Management - Laws and Regulations," 1991 Edition.  Provides Federal records managers with a convenient reference source for laws and regulations relating to records management.  This publication includes all records management-related portions of the United States Code (U.S.C.), which is the codification of all current U.S. Federal statutes.  It also contains all National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) records management regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which is the codification of all current U.S. Federal regulations.

  5. "Managing Electronic Records," 1990 Edition.  Addresses the electronic records management information needs of creators and users of electronic records, Information Resources Management (IRM) officials, automated data processing (ADP) staff, and agency records managers.  This Handbook applies to all electronic records systems, whether on micro-, mini-, or mainframe computers, in networked or stand-alone configurations.

  6. "Records Management Automation in Federal Agencies," 1994 Edition.  Provides information on a fiscal year (FY) 1992 NARA survey conducted to determine how Federal agencies were using automation to facilitate and enhance their records management programs.  Because this report's purpose is to compile and disseminate information rather than to evaluate, it includes observations, rather than recommendations.

  7. "Managing Micrographic Records," 1995 Edition.  Provides guidance to creators and users of micrographic records, records managers, information resources managers, and automated data processing staff for the creation and maintenance of micrographic records.  The standards and procedures described in this guide are directed mainly at micrographic records retained for long periods and those appraised as permanent and scheduled for transfer to the National Archives of the United States.

  8. "The Management of Micrographic Records in Federal Agencies," 1993 Edition.  Provides the findings and conclusions of a 2 year NARA study to determine the strengths and weaknesses in Federal agency micrographics programs.  Also provides recommendations for Government-wide improvements to micrographics programs.

  9. "Managing Audiovisual Records," 1990 Edition.  Provides information to individuals who are responsible for the creation, maintenance and use, and disposition of audiovisual records.  It focus is primarily upon audiovisual records designated for permanent retention in the National Archives.

  10. "Managing Cartographic and Architectural Records," 1989 Edition.  Provides guidance in the creation, maintenance and use, and disposition of maps, aerial photographs, and architectural and engineering drawings.

  11. "Vital Records and Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery," 1996 Edition.  Addresses the identification and protection of records containing information that Federal agencies may need to conduct business under emergency operating conditions or to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and the people it serves.  This guide also recommends policies and procedures that will allow agencies to assess the damage to and implement the recovery of any of their records that may be affected by an emergency or disaster.

  12. "Personal Papers of Executive Branch Officials:  A Management Guide," 1992 Edition.  Assists Government officials in making decisions about what are records that must be incorporated in agency files and what may be maintained and removed as personal collections of papers when the officials leave office.  This guide highlights legal provisions; recommends recordkeeping practices; and identifies sources of additional information about the disposition of documents created, received, or used while in office.

  13. Records Management Handbook, "Files Operations," NSN 7510-00-985-6973, 1981.  Explains how to arrange and maintain records effectively and efficiently.  Includes guidelines for files operations, rules and captions for alphabetic filing, and a glossary of files terms.

  14. Records Management Handbook, "File Stations," NSN 7610-00-926-2129, 1980.  Explains how to establish and manage a coordinated network of file stations that will ensure better documentation and aid in records retrieval.

  15. Records Management Handbook, "Subject Filing," NSN 7610-00-926-2128, 1981.  Explains how to arrange general correspondence and related records.  Includes a model subject file classification system for administrative records common to most Federal agencies.

  16. Records Management Handbook, "Case Filing," NSN 7610-01-118-8584, 1983.  Provides Federal agencies with procedures and guidelines for managing case files.  Describes how to plan their creation, maintenance, and disposition.  Also discusses how to select related equipment and supplies.

  17. Records Management Handbook, "Files Equipment and Supplies," NSN 7510-01-055-8703, 1981.  Provides Federal agencies with guidance in the selection and management of equipment and supplies appropriate for use in filing and retrieving textual and nontextual records.

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