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     Indian Health Manual

Transmittal Notice 83-07

TN 83-07


This transmittal Notice transmits a pen and ink change of Chapter 13 - Maternal and Child Health, Part 3 - Professional Services of the Indian Health Manual.

Please replace paragraph 8 of Section 2F3.a(b) with the following statement taken from the recently released Guidelines for Perinatal Care written jointly by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

"Individual hospitals may want to continue with the footprinting and fingerprinting but universal use of this practice is no longer recommended."

This change is made because this method of identifying newborns is no longer universally recommended and there is no evidence that it has any actual value in identifying newborns.

/Everett R. Rhoades, M.D./
Everett R. Rhoades, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service




Paragraph 8 of Section 2F3.a(b).


Make pen and ink corrections as indicated above.

Distribution:  PHS 110 - 129 Tab d
Date:  October 24, 1983

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