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     Indian Health Manual

Transmittal Notice 05-06

TN 05-06


The purpose of this Transmittal Notice is to forward a copy of the redelegated "Authority to Approve and Sign Agency Agreements".

/Charles W. Grim, D.D.S./
Charles W. Grim, D.D.S., M.H.S.A.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, IHS


Administrative Delegation of Authority (DOA) #36, “Delegation of Authority to Approve and Sign Agency Agreements,” memorandum from the Deputy Director, IHS, to the Area Directors.


This Delegation supersedes the Administrative DOA #36, dated September 17,2001, from the Director of Headquarters Operations to the Area Directors.


Remove and discard the current copies of the September 17,2001, Administrative DOA #36 from your manual system binders.  Insert the attached copy of the revised Administrative DOA #36 (TN 2005-06) in its place.

Log and file this Transmittal Notice in sequential order.

Distribution:  IHS-wide
Date:  July 07, 2005
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