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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual
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Organizational Chart:

IHS Headquarters Office Directors/Area Directors
(with Office & Area Directors Names and Standard Administrative Codes)

Indian Health Service Headquarters
Office of the Director, Office Directors, and Area Directors
Organizational Chart
Offices, Areas, Names, Titles, and Standard Administrative Codes

Approved: June 15, 2016
by Mary Smith

Standard Administrative Code = SAC

Office/Area Name/Title
Office of the Director - SAC: GA Mary Smith, Principal Deputy Director
Office of the Director Christopher Mandregan, Acting Deputy Director
Office of the Director Elizabeth Fowler, Deputy Director for Management Operations
Office of the Director Sarah Linde, Acting Chief Medical Officer
Office of the Director Vacant, Deputy Director for Quality Health Care
Office of the Director Sandra Pattea, Deputy Director for Inter-Governmental Affairs
Office of the Director Richie Grinnell, Deputy Director for Field Operations
Office of the Director Hillary Frierson Keeley, Acting Chief of Staff
   (Above positions are listed in order of succession to the Principal Deputy Director)
Office of Tribal Self-Governance - SAC: GAA Benjamin Smith, Director
Office of Direct Service and Contracting Tribes - SAC: GAB Chris Buchanan, Director
Office of Urban Indian Health Programs - SAC: GAC Sherriann Moore, Acting Director
Office of Clinical and Preventive Services - SAC: GAF Alec Thundercloud, Director
Office of Information Technology - SAC:GAG Mark Rives, Director
Office of Public Health Support - SAC: GAH Francis Frazier, Acting Director
Office of Resource Access and Partnerships - SAC: GAJ Terri Schmidt, Acting Director
Office of Finance and Accounting - SAC: GAK Ann Church, Acting Director
Office of Management Services - SAC: GAL Robert McSwain, Director
Office of Environmental Health and Engineering - SAC: GAM Gary Hartz, Director
Office of Human Resources - SAC: GAN Lisa Gyorda, Acting Director
Alaska Area Office - SAC: GFB Kenneth Glifort, Acting Director
Albuquerque Area Office - SAC: GFC Leonard Thomas, Acting Director
Bemidji Area Office - SAC: GFE Keith Longie, Director
Billings Area Office - SAC: GFF Dorothy Dupree, Director
California Area Office - SAC: GFG Beverly Miller, Director
Great Plains Area Office - SAC: GFA Chris Buchanan, Acting Director
Nashville Area Office - SAC: GFH Martha Ketcher, Director
Navajo Area Office - SAC: GFJ Douglas Peter, Acting Director
Oklahoma City Area Office - SAC: GFK Kevin Meeks, Director
Phoenix Area Office - SAC: GFL Ty Reidhead, Acting Director
Portland Area Office - SAC: GFM Dean Seyler, Director
Tucson Area Office - SAC: GFN Dixie Gaikowski, Director

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