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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Transmittal Notice 59-03

TN 59-03


The attached material represents the initial issuance of dental policy and procedures in the Indian Health Manual.  The chapter incorporates instructions issued in Operating Memorandum and in printed instructions for completing Dental Health Record and Report Forms.

A table of contents for the dental chapter is included in the material, and should be used until such time as a comprehensive table of contents can be issued.

/James R. Shaw, M.D./
James R. Shaw, M.D.,
Assistant Surgeon General,
Chief, Division of Indian Health


Table of Contents
Part 3, Chapter 2
Appendix 3-2.5D(1) Technique for the Topical Appliances of Stannous Fluoride and Topical Fluoride Technique.
Appendix 3-2.5K(1) Training, Dental Assistants - Suggested Curriculum
Appendix 3-2.5L(4) Oral Health Education - Program Outline
Appendix 3-2.7A Specifications for Division of Indian Health Dental Clinics and Equipment
Exhibit 3-2.7B(1) (2)(3)(4) Instructions for Dental Health Record and Report Forms PHS-2506-1, PHS-2506-2, PHS- 2506-3, and PHS-2506-4
Exhibit 3-2.7B(1) Form PHS 2506-1, Clinical Oral Health Record
Exhibit 3-2.7B(2) Form PHS-2506-2, Dental Epidemiological Data Tabulation (Daily)
Exhibit 3-2.7B(3) Dental Service Unit Tabulations (Daily)
Exhibit 3-2.7B(4) Monthly Summary of Oral Health Activities


Division of Indian Health Operating Memoranda:

No. 56-65, dated March 7, 1956
No. 56-67, dated March 9, 1956
No. 57-19, dated September 11, 1956
No. 58-2, dated July 8, 1957, and it's attached mimeographed Form PHS-2794
No. 58-28, dated January 9, 1958, and it's attached correspondence
No. 59-10, dated August 1, 1958
No. 59-25, dated December 15, 1958

"Instructions for Dental Health Record and Report Forms PHS-2506-1, PHS-2506-2, PHS-2506-3, and PHS-2506-4, and subsequent ditto changes.

Distribution:  Indian Health Manual Holders Date:  September 1, 1959

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