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Organizational Chart: IHS Headquarters Office of Human Resources

(with Office and Division Director Names, and
Standard Administrative Code)

Indian Health Service Headquarters
Office of Human Resources
Organizational Chart
Office, Divisions, Names, Titles, and Standard Administrative Code

Approved March 21, 2023
by: Lisa Gyorda

Standard Administrative Code = SAC

Office/Division Name/Title
Office of Human Resources (SAC: GAN) Lisa Gyorda, Director
Office of Human Resources Jennifer Fry and Shirl Eastep, Deputy Director
Division of Personnel Security and Ethics (SAC: GANA) Randy Beasley, Director
Personnel Security Branch (SAC: GANA1) Sharon Duran, Acting Chief
Ethics Branch (SAC: GANA2) Irene Marquez-Garner, Acting Chief
Division of Commissioned Personnel Support (SAC: GANB) Deanna Dick, Director
Division of Human Resources (SAC: GANC) Jennifer Fry, Acting Director
HR Systems Analytics Branch (SAC: GANC1) Janelle Langland, Chief
HQ Client Services Branch (SAC: GANC2) Melissa Scott Antone, Acting Chief
Workforce Relations and Policy Branch (SAC: GANC3) Duane Phillips, Chief
Western Region Human Resources Center (SAC: GANC4) Samantha Thammavong, Director
Northern Plains Region Human Resources Center (SAC:GANC5) Delphine Brinlee, Director
Southwest Region Human Resources Center (SAC: GANC6) Florence Fitch, Director
Navajo Region Human Resources Center (SAC: GANC7) Larrisa Emerson, Director
Southeast Region Human Resources Center (SAC: GANC8) Kristen Young, Acting Director
Division of Health Professions Support (SAC: GAND) Francine Barnett, Director
Health Professions Support Branch (SAC: GAND1) Rael Augare, Chief
Loan Repayment Branch (SAC: GAND2) Jackie Santiago, Chief
Scholarships Branch (SAC: GAND3) Michael Bartholomew, Chief