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Chapter 15 - Emergency Contraception

Part 1 - General

Title Section
Introduction 1-15.1
    Purpose 1-15.1A
    Scope 1-15.1B
    Policy 1-15.1C
Responsibilities 1-15.2
    Chief Executive Officer 1-15.2A
    Providers 1-15.2B


  1. Purpose.  The purpose of this chapter is to establish the policy and procedures to ensure that all Indian Health Service (IHS) facilities make easily available the Plan B One-Step®, (Levonorgestrel) emergency contraception (EC) pill.
  2. Scope.  In June 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Plan B One-Step® (Levonogestrel) for over-the-counter (OTC) availability for females of all ages without a prescription (Rx).  According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, there are no medical contraindications to the use of an EC.  The distribution of the Plan B One-Step® EC pill, does not require any of the following:  a prescription, a pregnancy test, age verification, patient registration, a provider visit or Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation.  IHS shall make ECs available to all females including female victims of sexual assault and to their patient representatives in accordance with the June 2013, FDA determination.
  3. Policy.  It is IHS policy the Plan B One-Step® emergency contraception pill is easily available through the IHS facilities' pharmacy, Emergency Department (ED), and in health clinics that are equipped with secure medication storage areas.


  1. Chief Executive Officer.  The Chief Executive Officer or his or her designated alternate, must ensure:
    1. That all drugs (e.g., non-prescription OTC, prescription (Rx) only, samples, and biological products) must be kept in designated secure medication areas.
    2. That the Plan B One Step® EC pill is easily available and stocked in the Pharmacy, ED, and in health clinics equipped with secure medication storage areas.
    3. That all staff receive orientation on the IHS EC policy.
    4. That all female patients and/or their patient representative are provided with unbiased and medically accurate information about emergency contraceptives.
    5. (5) That staff are available to distribute the Plan B One-Step® EC pill on the behalf of any employee who objects to perform or assist with the distribution of the EC due to their religious beliefs or morals.
  2. Providers.  As an OTC product, a licensed provider is not required to distribute the Plan B One-Step® EC pill.