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Part 3, Chapter 5: Manual Exhibit 3-5-B

Format for Nutrition & Dietetic Training Program
Quarterly Narrative Report; and
Standards & Guidelines Used in Planning, Implementing &
Evaluating Nutrition & Dietetic Programs

TO: Chief, Nutrition and Dietetics Section

FROM: Chief, Nutrition and Dietetics Training Program

SUBJECT: Quarterly Narrative Report
  1. Activities, Accomplishments

    A.  Instruction/Implementation Training
    B.  Development
    C.  Evaluation
    D.  Identification, Coordination Resources/Liaison with IHS Area Staff and Others
    E.  Budget Update
    F.  Other

  2. Professional Development
  3. Leave Taken
  4. Future Plans/Action plan for next two months
  5. Opportunities to improve
  6. Statistical Report


Through consultation, program review, site visits, telephone calls, staff meetings, and reports submitted by Service Unit staff, the Area office and Headquarters staff are kept aware of programs and services provided by dietitians and nutritionists in the service units and tribal Programs. Services are monitored through these methods of communication and directed toward meeting established standards, guidelines, and regulations. There is frequent contact with each service unit dietitian and nutritionist.


Part 3 - Professional Services, Chapter 5, Nutrition and Dietetics; 1996, IHS Manual

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