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Part 3, Chapter 8: Manual Appendix 3-8-B

IHS Resource Requirement Methodology for Social Work Services


  1. Description
    • Identifying the emotional and social needs of Indian clients and their families.
    • Identifying and treating psychosocial problems related to the client's illness and/or treatment.
    • Utilizing knowledge of and contacts with federal, state and local agencies to meet the health, social and economic needs of the Indian community.
    • Protecting vulnerable children and adults who cannot protect themselves from abuse, neglect and exploitation and fostering the stability and integrity of the family.
  2. Driving Variables
    • Total Service Population to receive Social Services
    • Total Direct Inpatient Days
    • Health Center versus Inpatient setting
  3. Staffing Criteria
    • The formula to calculate basic social work staffing for all settings is 1.4 staff per 2,788 service population and 1.1 staff per 11,111 inpatient days.
    • The initial staff position shall be a social work director.  The second staff position shall also be a master's level individual for program stability.  Additional staff can be a mix of professional and paraprofessional positions based on program and population needs.