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Part 3, Chapter 9: Manual Exhibit 3-9-G

Standard Ophthalmic Equipment List

The following equipment list contains items that are needed in an eye clinic.  The Optometrist/Ophthalmologist at the construction location will need to determine which equipment from the list, and any additional equipment, is required at that facility and the quantity of each required item.  The type and quantity should be based on the type of eye care program that will be carried out at the facility.  Generic or brand names may be given.  This list is complete for a one lane examining room.  The equipment needs for a facility with more than one eye lane will need to be appropriately adjusted.  The quantity of each item is listed in parenthesis.

  1. Ophthalmic chair, conventional.
  2. Ophthalmic stand and/or wall mount for phoroptor, slit lamp, keratometer.
  3. Examining stools, casters.
  4. Phoroptor.
  5. Slit lamp with Goldman tonometer, 78D/90D lenses and other accessories.
  6. Projector.
  7. Projector screen.
  8. Projector slides, adult and children.
  9. Keratometer.
  10. Lensometers.
  11. Specialist halogen ophthalmoscope, rechargeable halogen retinoscope and ophthalmoscope.
  12. Halogen ophthalmoscope head.
  13. Halogen retinoscope head.
  14. Rechargeable handles (2).
  15. Mirror gonioscopy lens (3).
  16. Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope.
  17. Condensing lens, one medium and one high dioptric power.
  18. Instrument/equipment storage cabinets.
  19. Appropriate contact lens fitting sets.
  20. Burton lamp.
  21. Non-illuminated acuity chart.
  22. Prism bars (vertical & horizontal).
  23. Occluders, solid, PH and red lens.
  24. PD rulers.
  25. Ortho burr.
  26. Worth 4 dot.
  27. Hand-held applanation tonometer.
  28. Sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.
  29. Minor procedure instruments.
  30. Near point cards.
  31. Trial lens handles, hand held.
  32. Patient education material.
  33. Pediatric fixation device.
  34. Trial lens set - corrected curves.
  35. Trial lens cabinet.
  36. Trial frame - adult and child, Janelli clips.
  37. Color test charts.
  38. Stereo-acuity tests.
  39. Amsler grid.
  40. Bulbs.
  41. Pen lights.
  42. Binocular loupes.
  43. Sink with running water.
  44. Desk, chair, lamp.
  1. Ophthalmic chair.
  2. Ophthalmic stand with instrument arm(s) and/or instrument wall mounts.
  3. Slit lamp with Goldman tonometer, 78D/90D lenses, and other accessories.
  4. Slit lamp camera.
  5. Examining stools, casters (2).
  6. Specialist halogen ophthalmoscope with rechargeable handle.
  7. Recharger for specialist ophthalmoscope.
  8. Binocular Indirect ophthalmoscope.
  9. Condensing lenses, one high and one medium dioptric power.
  10. Mirror gonioscopy lens (3).
  11. Instrument/equipment storage cabinets.
  12. Burton lamp.
  13. Ortho burr.
  14. Sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.
  15. Minor procedure instruments.
  16. Amsler grid.
  17. Pen lights.
  18. Binocular loupes.
  19. Sink with running water.
  20. Credenza or other writing surface.
  21. Projector.
  22. Projector screen.
  23. Projector slides, adult and children.
  24. Exophthalmometer.
  25. Appropriate contact lens fitting set.
  1. Automated field testing equipment, central and peripheral, with accessories.
  2. Appropriate instrument tables, as required.
  3. Examining stools, casters (2).
  4. Credenza or other writing surface.
  5. Storage cabinet, small.
  1. Stools with carpet casters (3).
  2. Vision tester/screener.
  3. Projector.
  4. Projector slides.
  5. Roto table.
  6. Keratometer.
  7. Hand-Held Auto Refractor-Keratometer.
  8. Fundus camera and accessories (table if required).
  9. Lensometer.
  10. Headstart screening case.
  1. Wall mirror.
  2. Fitting chair.
  3. Dispensing stool.
  4. Fitting table.
  5. Frame bars.
  6. Table mirror.
  7. PD scope.

Opticinary tools/equipment and supplies as required but should include the following as a suggested list.

  1. Contact lens modification unit.
  2. Vigor type repair bench.
  3. Stool for repair bench.
  4. Frame warmer.
  5. Glass beads.
  6. Lens gauge.
  7. Caliper.
  8. Screw finishing file.
  9. Screw head file.
  10. Hair round file.
  11. Zylonite file.
  12. Rat tail files.
  13. Snipe nose pliers.
  14. Looping pliers.
  15. Side cutting pliers.
  16. Chappel end cutting plier.
  17. Vertical hinge grip plier.
  18. Axis aligning plier.
  19. Rubber jaw plier.
  20. Punch plier.
  21. Lens cleaning solution.
  22. Screwdrivers, assorted.
  23. Wrench.
  24. Punch.
  25. Tweezers.
  26. Hammers.
  27. Anvil.
  28. Tap holder.
  29. Aligner.
  30. Rack.
  31. Silver solder paste with flux.
  32. Gold solder paste with flux.
  33. Battern self pickling flux.
  34. Ultra sonic cleaner.
  35. Ultra sonic cleaning solution.
  36. Soldering gun.
  37. Titmus frame repair.
  38. Screw kit, Hilco.
  39. Contact lens solutions.
  40. Mercer plastic frame repair.
  41. Contact lens measuring instrumentation.