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Part 5, Chapter 19: Manual Exhibit 5-19.2B

Delegation of Grants Authority
to the Alaska Area
NOV 1 1993
TO: Director
Alaska Area

FROM: Acting Director of Headquarters Operations

SUBJECT: Delegation of Grants Authority to the Alaska Area


  1. Pursuant to the authorities delegated to the Director of Headquarters Operations by the Director, Indian Health Service (IHS), as specified below, I hereby delegate to the Director, Alaska Area IHS, the authorities to make grants within the Alaska Area, as authorized by the following laws, with restrictions as noted below:

    Public Health Service Act, Title III, General Powers and Duties of Public Health Service

    Delegated to the Director of Headquarters by the Director, IHS, on OCT 29 1993.

    Authority under Section 301 (42 United States Code 241) relative to research, investigation, and functions.

    Public Law 93-638, Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, as amended

    Delegated to the Director of Headquarters Operations by the Director, IHS, on OCT 29 1993.

    Section 103(b)(1), except construction, and (2); Section 103(e)(1) and (2).

    Public Law 94-437, Indian Health Care Improvement Act, as amended.

    Delegated to the Director of Headquarters Operations by the Director, IHS, on OCT 29 1993.

    Section 110, Tribal Recruitment and Retention Program
    Section 208, Health Services Research
    Section 209(k), Mental Health Demonstration Grants Program (limited to one grant)
    Section 209(m), Intermediate Adolescent Mental Health Services
    Section 214(b), Epidemiological Studies of Indian Communities
    Section 216, Indian Youth Grant Program
    Section 404, Access to Health Services
    Section 703, except for subsection (d)(2), Indian Women Treatment Programs
    Section 708(a), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect Grants
    Section 713, Alaska Native Drug and Alcohol Abuse Demonstration Program
    Section 818(a), Demonstration Projects for Tribal Management of Health Care Services


  3. The authorities in paragraph 1. above for administrative responsibilities must be redelegated to the Executive Officer, Alaska Area IHS, for further redelegation through proper management channels, to the Director, Office of Awards and Administrative Services, Alaska Area IHS, who shall be the Area Grants Management Officer (AGMO).  These authorities are to be exercised for the purpose of the reinvention laboratory project at the Alaska Native Medical Center and for implementation of an Area-wide grants program.

    Grants administrative responsibilities are delineated in the Public Health Service (PHS) Grants Administration Manual, Part 101, "Grants Management Officer Responsibilities," and in the Indian Health Manual, Part 5, Chapter 20, "Grants and Agreements."1/

  4. The programmatic authorities for the sections listed in paragraph 1. may be redelegated to one or more officials who report directly to the Area Director and who have the necessary knowledge of and expertise with the specific grants authorities in paragraph 1.  Grants programmatic responsibilities are delineated in the PHS Grants Administration Manual, Part 143, "Program Official Responsibilities," and in the Indian Health Manual, Part 5, Chapter 20, "Grants and Agreements." 1/.   Program officials must ensure that program specific requirements are adhered to.
  5. Delegated grant authority shall include all Area-specific grant programs.  The Alaska Area grant authority does not contain any dollar limitations; however, monies for award of Area-specific grant programs must come from Area funds.
  6. The AGMO must complete a minimum of 5 of the 7 Health and Human Services (HHS) Grants Training Courses (total 13 days) within 6 months of his/her delegation.  In addition to the five mandatory HHS grants courses, the AGMO must attend a 5-day grants operations and procedures training session sponsored by the Chief Grants Management Officer, IHS.

  8. For purposes of this grant authority, the Alaska Area Grants Office is hereby designated a satellite grants office of the IHS Grants Management Branch, Division of Acquisition and Grants Operations, Office of Administration and Management.  The Chief Grants Management Officer, IHS, has been designated, by separate delegation, as the Grants Technical Manager for oversight of satellite grants offices.
  9. These authorities shall be exercised in accordance with legislative, regulatory, policy, and procedural provisions, including those under the HHS Grants Management Manual, and PHS and IHS supplements or instructions thereto.


  10. This delegation supersedes the September 29, 1993, Delegation of Authority memorandum to the Director, Alaska Area, from the Director, IHS, subject:  Delegation of Grants Authority to the Alaska Area.

  12. This delegation of authority is effective upon date of signature.
Bill F. Pearson, P.E., DEE

1/ = Footnote - Part 5, Chapter 19, "Grants and Cooperative Agreements Management."