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Part 5, Chapter 5: Manual Exhibit 5-5-7K

Occupations/Classifications Subject to P.L. 101-630
Indian Child Protection and
Family Violence Prevention Act

Occupation Classification Occupation Classification
Security Guard GS-0085 Pharmacist GS-0060
Social Science GS-0101 Pharmacy Technician GS-0661
Psychology GS-0180 Optometrist GS-0662
Psychology Aid and Technician GS-0181 Speech Pathology and Audiology GS-0665
Social Work GS-0185 Orthotist and Prosthetist GS-0667
Social Services Aid and Assistant GS-0186 Podiatrist GS-0668
Social Services GS-0187 Medical Record Librarian GS-0669
Recreation Specialist GS-0188 Health System Administration GS-0670
Recreation Aid and Assistant GS-0189 Health System Specialist GS-0671
Social Science Student Trainee GS-0199 Prosthetic Rep. GS-0672
General Health Science GS-0601 Hospital Housekeeping Management GS-0673
Medical Officer GS-0602 Medical Record Tech. GS-0675
Physician's Assistant GS-0603 Medical Clerk GS-0679
Nurse GS-0610 Dental Officer GS-0680
Practical (Vocational) Nurse GS-0620 Dental Assistant GS-0681
Nursing Assistant GS-0621 Dental Hygiene GS-0682
Medical Supply Aide and Technician GS-0622 Dental Laboratory Aide and Technician GS-0683
Dietician/Nutritionist GS-0630 Environmental Health Technician GS-0698
Occupational Therapist GS-0631 Medical and Health Student Trainee GS-0699
Physical Therapist GS-0633 General Education and Training GS-1701
Rehab Therapy Assistant GS-0636 Education and Training Technician GS-1702
Recreation/Creative Arts Therapist GS-0638 Training Instruction GS-1710
Educational Therapist GS-0639 Vocational Training GS-1712
Health Aide and Technician GS-0640 Public Health Educator GS-1715
Medical Technologist GS-0644 Special Education GS-1725
Medical Technician GS-0645 Special Education GS-0688
Pathology Technician GS-0646 Sanitarian WG-3566
Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist GS-0647 Custodial Worker WG-5703
Therapeutic Radiologic Technologist GS-0648 Cooks WG-7404
Medical Machine Technician GS-0649 Food Service Workers WG-7408
Respiratory Therapist GS-0651      

There may be individual positions in other series which should also be covered.  These could include Administrative Officers, Secretaries, Office Automation Clerks, and Computer Specialists whose duties are performed in a hospital or clinic.  A determination would need to be made on a case-by-case basis.