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Part 5, Chapter 8: Manual Exhibit A

Acronyms used in the Chapter

1. ARMS Administrative Resource Management System
2. ATM Automatic Teller Machine
3. BWI Baltimore Washington International
4. CBA Centrally Billed Account
5. CG Comptroller General
6. CFR Code of Federal Regulations
7. CONUS Continental United States
8. DFM Division of Financial Management
9. DCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
10. IAD Washington Dulles International
11. EIN Employee Identification Number
12. FTP Frequent Traveler Programs
13. FTR Federal Travel Regulations
14. GFV Government Furnished Vehicle
15. GSA General Service Administration
16. GTR Government Travel Request
17. HHS Department of Health and Human Services
18. HQ Headquarters
19. IHM Indian Health Manual
20. IHS Indian Health Service
21. JFMIP Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
22. JFTR Joint Federal Travel Regulations
23. MCA Management Control Area
24. M&IE Meals and Incidental Expenses
25. OCONUS Outside Continental U.S.
26. ODS Official Duty Station
27. OMS Office of Management Support
28. PCS Permanent Change of Station
29. POV Privately Owned Vehicle
30. RITA Relocation Income Tax Allowance
31. RSP Relocation Services Program
32. TA Travel Authorization (Also ?Travel Account? Manual Exhibit 5-8-J)
33. TCS Temporary Change of Station
34. TDY Temporary Duty
35. TMC Travel Management Centers
36. TMS Travel Management Specialist
37. TR Transportation Request
38. TV Travel Voucher
39. TQSE Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense
40. TVA Travel Voucher Audit