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Part 5, Chapter 8: Manual Exhibit I

Examples of Items for Which the
Travel Card May/May Not be Used

Type of Expense Is Use of Travel Card Approved?
Lodging at temporary duty (TDY) station Yes

Lodging at official duty station (ODS) No

Meals while in a per diem status Yes

Meals if not in a per diem status No

Rental cars at TDY station Yes

Airline tickets for official travel when a travel request (TR) or Government Travel Account is not used Yes

Airline tickets for personal travel of self/family No

Automatic teller machines (ATM) at the ODS (prior to departure for TDY) Yes (within 72 hours prior to beginning of travel)

ATM after last day of travel at ODS No

Purchases at retail establishment No

Gasoline while driving POV or rental vehicle Yes (only when on TDY)

Souvenirs while on official travel No

Flowers for fellow employee who is on sick leave No