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Part 5, Chapter 8: Manual Exhibit O


Type of Expense Old Station New Station
Abstract Yes Yes
Advertising Yes No
Application fee (FHA and VA only) Yes Yes
Appraisal fee (determine market value of residence) Yes No
Appraisal fee (lender's) No Yes
Assumption fee (not in addition to origination fee) No Yes
Attorney's fee Yes Yes
Broker's commission Yes No
Construction charges No No
Cost of litigation No No
Credit report No Yes
Escrow agent's fee (not escrow deposits) Yes Yes
Hazard insurance No No
Inspection fees Yes Yes
Interest on loans No No
Lender's service fees except as specifically listed) No No
Loan discounts (points) No No
Inspection fees Yes Yes
Loan origination fee (not to exceed 1%) No Yes
Losses due to prices on market conditions No No
Mortgage insurance No No
Mortgage prepayment penalty (see FTR par. 302-6.2.D(1)(g) Yes No
Mortgage title insurance (lender's coverage) No Yes
Mortgage title insurance (owner's coverage) Yes No
Operating and maintenance costs No No
Pest inspection fee (no services performed) Yes Yes
Pest eradication services No No
Property taxes No No
Recording fees Yes Yes
Record title insurance Yes Yes
Repair costs No No
State, county, city, revenue stamps Yes No
Survey Yes Yes
Title insurance binder (instead of title search) and/or title insurance option Yes Yes
Transfer charges Yes Yes
Unexpired lease termination (see FTR par. 302-6.2.h) Yes No