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Part 7, Chapter 9: Manual Exhibit 7-9-A

Welcome Letter

__________________________________________Area Indian Health Service


Congratulations on your new appointment to the _______________________________________________ Area Indian Health Service (IHS).  At a minimum, as a United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps Officer you will be assigned to a duty station for no less than a 2-year period, unless a shorter timeframe has been negotiated and approved in writing, prior to posting.  The IHS Two-Year Rule applies to the time spent (in calendar years) at the duty station, not the time you are assigned to the duty station.

United States PHS Commissioned Corps Officers serving within the IHS are expected to serve at least 2 years at each duty station for the following reasons:

  1. Continuity of care for American Indian/Alaska Native patients is enhanced, along with improvements in the quality of care provided by the IHS.
  2. The time required to orient new staff is reduced.
  3. Adequate time is provided to evaluate officer performance for Commissioned Officers? Effectiveness Report or other awards.
  4. Costs associated with permanent change of duty stations are reduced; and
  5. Adequate time for evaluation of new officers during their initial Call to Active Duty probationary period is provided.

I have reviewed the above and I understand these requirements:

Signature of Officer________________________________________________
Printed Name of Officer_______________________________ Date:________

Your 2-year tour of duty begins on:_______________________

Your 2-year tour of duty will end on:______________________
(Unless your Civil Service time is authorized as acceptable by the Division of Commissioned Personnel Support.)

TN 2009-11