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Part 9, Chapter 5: Manual Exhibit 9-5-A

Summary of Requested Data Elements

Data Element Source Notes
Manual Journal Voucher (JV) Tracking Numbers

JV log books and system-generated numbers

For manual entries with source of manual.  Enter in journal name field.

Journal name

JV entry control log books

The journal name should begin with the tracking number.


Manual entry supporting documentation

Must be clear, concise, and detailed for the outside user to understand.


Accounting Period

Accounting period to which the entry is applicable.


Date of the transaction

Might not be the same as accounting period.


Defined Categories from Unified Financial Management System

Further defines the type of transaction being entered for a given source.


Manual, Spreadsheet, interface name, or sub-ledger module

Manual if entered directly into UFMS.  Application Desktop Integrator (ADI) entries should have appropriate source to facilitate sub-ledger to General Ledger reconciliation.

Budget Account Code
Structure (BACS) String

Operating Division (OPDIV) BACS

Must include necessary data to produce Financial

Descriptive Flex Field Values

Manual entry supporting documentation

HHS elimination code or Federal Agencies Centralized Trial-Balance System trading partner.

GL account

BACS segment and Manual supporting documentation

Budgetary and proprietary relationship should be in check.

Dollar amount

Manual entry supporting documentation

Accounts must be clearly traced to supporting documentation.

Reference Information (ADI only)


Required to link data in general ledger to the sub-ledgers.