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SGM No. 89-04
AUG 25, 1989
From: Associate Director
Office of Administration and Management

Subject: Correction Memorandum:  Assignment of Special General Memorandum Status - Memorandum Dated May 3, 1989 "Procedures for Requesting and Obtaining Approval of Leave"

To: Director
Indian Health Service

Attached is a Leave Procedures policy memorandum which was distributed in error on May 3, 1989, as uncontrolled correspondence.

To correct this problem, the Memorandum is hereby assigned Special General Memorandum status.  The SGM number is the same as the one listed above, because the Leave Procedures Memo is included as Attachment 1 to this correction memorandum.

Should you have questions, please call Mrs. J.B. Ford, Division of Management Policy, 443-2546.

/Milburn H. Roach/
Milburn H. Roach


SGM 89-04
Date:  MAY 3, 1989
From: Deputy Director
Subject: Procedures for Requesting and Obtaining Approval of Leave
To: Area Directors

It has come to my attention that some Area Directors are not following established procedures for requesting and obtaining approval of leave.

All leave for Area Directors is required to be approved prior to leave being taken except in emergency situations.  Proposed leave is requested to be submitted along with the quarterly travel plan fifteen (15) days before each quarter to the Deputy Director, IHS.  Standard Form (SF) 71, Application for Leave, is to be used for this purpose.  Form PHS-1345 is used for Commissioned Corps Officers.

Emergency or unplanned leave must be communicated by telephone to the Deputy Director, IHS, by the designated Acting Director, Area Office, on the day the leave is taken by the Area Director and followed with an SF-71 or PHS-1345 to satisfy the leave recording requirement.

Your cooperation in following these procedures will be appreciated.

/Robert Singyke/
Robert Singyke