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SGM No. 94-05
SEPT 9, 1994
TO: Area and Associate Directors
Area Chief Medical Officers
Service Unit Directors
Service Unit Clinical Directors

FROM: Director

SUBJECT: Purchase of Second Licenses

The Indian Health Service, (IHS) has been advised by the Director, Office of Management, Public Health Service (PHS), that under specific circumstances second professional licenses for IHS physicians and other specialty personnel may be purchased by the government.

In order for a service unit to admit and follow its patients into a non-federal facility for health care services that are not available at the service unit, IHS physicians must obtain privileges at the non-federal facility.  A condition of securing such privileges may be a medical license in the state where the non- Federal facility is located.

Therefore, it is the policy of the IHS to purchase a second license only for IHS physicians and specialty personnel who are required by Service Unit Directors to obtain privileges at one or more non-federal facilities that require professional licensure in that state.  The cost for second licenses will be borne by the Service Unit or Area Office.

Basic professional licenses are required as a condition of employment in the IHS, and costs associated with obtaining the basic license remains the responsibility of the individuals.  The purchase of a second license is a requirement for the convenience of the government in order to reduce overall costs for medical care and to improve the continuity of care for IHS patients.

Questions regarding this SGM may be directed to the Director of Patient Care Professional Affairs, Office of Health Programs, on (301) 443-3024.

/Michael H. Trujillo, M.D./
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General