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SGM No. 16-05
July 28, 2016
TO: Area Chief Medical Officers

FROM: Principal Deputy Director

SUBJECT: Mandatory Training for Federal Prescribers of Controlled Substance Medications

The purpose of this Special General Memorandum is to establish prescriber training requirements surrounding the appropriate and effective use of Drug Enforcement Administration Schedule II-V controlled substance medications.  All medical professionals that prescribe opioids for the treatment of pain as part of their Federal responsibilities and duties are subject to this training requirement.

All Federal prescribers, contractors (that spend 50 percent or more of their clinical time under contract with the Federal Government), clinical residents and trainees are expected to comply with this mandatory training requirement.  To successfully complete this requirement, all prescribers meeting the above established criteria, must pass the post test of the IHS Essential Training on Pain and Addictions course.

IHS Essential Training Course Pre-RegistrationExit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 

All existing prescribers meeting the above established criteria shall complete this training within 6 months of the date of issuance of this memo.  New prescribers must comply with this requirement within 6 months from the start of IHS employment.  All must complete a refresher training course every 3 years following completion of the initial training.

I am relying on the full support of our Chief Medical Officers to ensure that ALL Federal prescribers defined as above meet this training requirement.  Clinical Directors will need to maintain copies of proof of training completion in the local credentialing file.  Thank you for your continued support and cooperation to further protect the health of the patients we serve.

Effective Date

This SGM becomes effective on the date signed by the Principal Deputy Director, IHS.

/Mary Smith/
Mary Smith