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Special General Memorandum 16-06

SGM No. 16-06
October 23, 2016
TO: Addressees

FROM: Principal Deputy Director

SUBJECT: Alternative Discipline Agreements

This Special General Memorandum (SGM) establishes Indian Health Service (IHS) policy on Alternative Discipline Agreements.

Alternative discipline is an alternative to traditional penalties for employee misconduct, generally used for suspensions and removals.  Alternative Discipline Agreements, also known as Last Chance Agreements, outline the terms agreed to by an employee and an employer under which the employee will be given a last opportunity to keep his or her employment, usually when the agency would otherwise remove the employee for performance, conduct, or leave deficiencies.  These agreements should detail the employment misconduct, set forth the employer's expectations and define the employment consequences for failure to meet the agreed upon terms.

As an employer, we need to carefully review and have knowledge of all Alternative Discipline Agreements to ensure consistency in the terms, application, and overall accountability across all IHS Areas and Headquarters.  It is IHS policy that all forms of Alternative Discipline Agreements, including Last Chance Agreements, are required to be reviewed through the Director, Office of Human Resources at IHS Headquarters for clearance before issuance.

Effective Date

This SGM becomes effective on the date signed by the Principal Deputy Director, IHS.

/Mary Smith/
Mary Smith

Headquarters Office Directors
Area Directors
Area Executive Officers
Chief Executive Officers
Regional Human Resources Center Directors