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Transmittal Notice 60-10

TN 60-10


This transmittal forwards Part 2, Chapter 4 of the Indian Health Manual.  This sets forth the policies and procedures for services and payment for such services provided non-Indian beneficiaries of the Federal Government and non-beneficiaries through Division of Indian Health Facilities.

/Signtature for/
James R. Shaw, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Chief, Division of Indian Health


Table of Contents to Part 2, Chapter 4;
Part 2, Chapter 4, Services and Payments for Services (Beneficiaries);
Exhibits 2-4.2J; 2-4.4D; and 2-4.5E(2).


Division of Indian Health Operating Memoranda:

No. 56-36, 9/30/55,
(w/Suppls. 1 - 4)
Medical Care of PHS Commissioned Officers, their Dependents and PHS Civilian Employees

No. 56-59, 2/14/56, Emergency Medical and Dental care of Active PHS Commissioned Officers at other than Service Facilities

No. 57-27, 11/19/56,
(w/Suppls. 1 & 2)
DMC Act - Relationship to Indian Health Facilities

No.57-63, 6/7/75
(w/Suppls. 1 & 2)
Schedule of Fees for Medical and Dental Services Furnished Beneficiaries of Other Federal Government Agencies at Division of Indian Health Facilities

No. 58-3, 7/9/57 Discontinuance of Bureau of Employees' Compensation Voucher Form S-69

Distribution:  Indian Health Manual holders
Date:  August 9, 1960