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Transmittal Notice 61-15

TN 61-15


This issuance changes the Dental Chapter, Part 3, Chapter 2 of the Indian Health Manual.  The change provides for numbering of chapter pages, addition of graphic illustration of the procedure for processing Form PHS-2964, and instructions for use of two newly revised Forms PHS-2506-1 and 2506-4.  These forms supersede the January 1956 edition of Forms PHS-2506-1, 2506-2, 2506-3, and 2506-4.

/Huston K. Spangler for/
James R. Shaw, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Chief, Division of Indian Health


Revised Table of Contents.
Revised pages 19 and 20.
Exhibit 3-2.6G, 1 sheet.
Exhibit 3-2.7B(1) and (2), pages 1 through 9.


  1. Beginning on page presently marked 3-2.1, number each page of the chapter at the top-center, through page 22
  2. Remove and destroy existing pages 19 and 20 of the chapter and insert the enclosed pages 19 and 20.
  3. At the top of page 21 delete the words "instructions for their use are found as Exhibit 3-2.7B(1), (2), (3), and (4)."  On pages 21 and 22 checking section heading numbers (5) through (10) to (3) through (8).
  4. On the facsimile form PHS-2964 shown in Exhibit 3-2.6E(2), delete the name "Conrad B. Preston" in box 5 and insert "George H. Crommer".
  5. Insert the attached Exhibit 3-2.6G immediately following the last page of Exhibit 3-2.6E(2).
  6. Remove and destroy Exhibits 3-2.7B(1), (2), (3), and (4), (8 sheets) and insert the attached Exhibits 3-2.7B(1) and (2), pages 1 through 9.
  7. Remove and destroy existing Table of Contents for this chapter and substitute the enclosed Table of Contents.

Distribution:  P-ABCDG under d and B, C under d
Date:  January 31, 1961