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Transmittal Notice 61-16

TN 61-16


This transmittal forwards Part 3, Chapter 4 of the Indian Health Manual which sets forth the objectives, scope of activities, standards, and general policies relating to nursing services in the Division of Indian Health.

/James R. Shaw/
James R. Shaw, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Chief, Division of Indian Health


Table of Contents to Part 3, Chapter 4.
Part 3, Chapter 4, pages 1 - through 33.
Exhibits 3-4.5B(8), 3-4.6C and 3-4.6.


Division of Indian Health Operating Memoranda:

56-51, 12-22-55  Conversion of Practical Nurses and Hospital Attendants to Nursing Assistants Series.
57-25, 10-17-56  Minimum Safe Staffing Patterns of Nursing Personnel for Hospitals.
58-27, 01-09-58  Changes in Title of Area Nursing Consultants.
59-26, 12-19-58  Public Health Nurse Daily Activity Record and Monthly Reports.
Amendment 1, 07-14-59.

Division of Indian Health Circulars:

59-24, 11-13-59  Nurses Work Schedule.
60-02, 01-26-60  Public Health Nurse Monthly Activity Report and Narrative Report.
60-07, 02-17-60  Monthly Report of Funded Nursing Positions.
60-11, 04-04-60  Use of Forms PHS-1234-1 and -2, Nursing Care Plan.
PHS-IH Personnel Guide 1 to Chapter XI, Professional Career Questionnaire--Nurses, of August 23, 1960.
DIH Memoranda of February 10, 1956, Subject - Outline of Instruction for Preparation of Nursing Assistants.

Distribution:  P-ABCDG under d and B-C, under d
Date:  February 2, 1961