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Transmittal Notice 63-43

TN 63-43


The attached material revising Sections 1-3.4 and 1-4.5A of Chapters 3 and 4 in Part 1 has been completely reorganized to improve its continuity, delete superfluous material, and to correct errors in copy transmitted by TN-42 of August 14, 1963.  Chart No. 1 of that transmittal is also reissued with correction,

In addition to the above revisions, there is also transmitted the new procedures under Section 1-4.58 for Operating Relationships between the Division of Indian Health Area Offices and PHS Regional Organizations.

/Carruth J. Wagner, M.D./
Carruth J. Wagner, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Chief, Division of Indian Health


Rev. Sec. 1-3, Table of Contents.
Rev. Sec. 1-3,4, Goal and Objectives of the Indian Health Program.
Rev. Sec. 1-4,5A, Organization Relationships Hdqrts-Areas-Service Units.
Rev, Sec. 1-4.5B, Operating Relationship between the DIH and RO.
Rev. Sec. 1-4.5A, Chart No. 1, Organization Chart (Appendix 1-4.5A(1)).


Sec. 1-3, Table of Contents of TN-18.
Sec. 1-3.4, pp 3 and 4 of August 14, 1963.
Sec. 1-4.5A, pp 1 and 2 of August 14, 1963.
Sec. 1-4,5A, Chart No:1 of August 14, 1963.
Sec. 1-4.5B, pp 1 and 2 of April 10, 1961.


Discard superseded material and file the attached material in its place.

Number Chart No, 2 in Section 1-4.5A, at top right of page as Appendix 1-4.5A(2) and file following revised Chart No. 1 (Appendix 1-4,5A(1)) at end of Part 1, Chapter 4.

Distribution:  P-ABCDG under d and B,C under d
Date:  October 4, 1963