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Transmittal Notice 67-65

TN 67-65


The attached material is forwarded to replace those pages in Part 3, Chapter 2 of June 3, 1966 (TN No. 57) which were marked for later replacement by sample forms.

/E.S. Rabeau, M.D./
E.S. Rabeau, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Division of Indian Health


Part 3, Chapter 2, Appendix II:

Page 14a, Sample Form PHS-2056-1, Patient Epidemiology and Service Record
Pages 18a & 18b, Sample Form PHS-2964, Authorization for and Report of Contract Dental Care
Page 21a, Sample Form PHS-2506-2, Page 1, Dental Epidemiology and Service Report
Page 21b, Sample Form PHS-2506-2, Page 2, Master Mark Form 12
Page 26a, Sample Form PHS-2506-3, Page 1, Orthodontic Examination and Report
Page 26b, Sample Form PHS-2506-3, Page 2, Master Mark Form 13
Page 35a & 35b, Sample Form PHS-2506-4, Interceptive Orthodontic Register Record.


"Marker" pages for the above material.


Substitute the attached pages for the superseded ones.  Discard the superseded pages.

Distribution:  P-ABCDG under d, B, C under d
Date:  January 3, 1967

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