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Transmittal Notice 68-03

TN 68-03


This transmittal forwards a revised Chapter 4, Part II, Services and Payments for Services.  The revision is necessary because the Partnership for Health Amendments, P.L. 90-174 repealed authority for health services to civilian employees in the field.  This requires the elimination of paragraphs 2-4.2C; 2-4.3C; 2-4.4B and 2-4.5C, relative to such care.  Civilian field employees are now eligible only as BEC cases, Emergency care, Special Study cases, and as Federal Employees at a Remote Facility.

There are two new sections, both of which have been reviewed by the Indian Health Area Directors, - (1) Special Study Patients, and (2) the section on Care at Remote Facilities which lists the DIH health facilities where Federal employees and their dependents may receive care subject to the limitations authorized in the section.

Also incorporated in this chapter is DIH Circular 67-8 regarding payment of dental laboratory bills for Commissioned Officers serving with the Division of Indian Health.

Several paragraphs have been rearranged to make for better continuity in the chapter and the rates for Non-Beneficiary - Non-Emergency Care in Alaska (Par. 2-4.4G) have been increased.

/E.S. Rabeau, M.D./
E.S. Rabeau, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Division of Indian Health


Revised Chapter 4, Part II, Pages 1 thru 23.
Table of Contents Pages 1 and 2.
Appendices A and B.


Chapter 4, Part II forwarded under TN No. 78 and TN No. 92.
DIH Circular 67-8 dated May 15, 1967.


Remove and destroy superseded manual pages and the circular.  File the attached material in proper sequence in the manual.

Distribution:  P-ABCDG under d and B, C under d
Date:  July 25, 1968