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Transmittal Notice 74-07

TN 74-07


This transmittal forwards a revision of Part 1, Chapter 3, Section 1, Indian Health Program to include the reference to Public Law 93-222, the Indian Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973, Public Law 73-197, the Menominee Restoration Act and USC 13, the Snyder Act, Exhibit 1-3.3(8).  Except for the references above and the deletion of "Indians on Federal Reservation - A Digest" as an available information publication, the account remains the same.

/Emery A. Johnson, M.D./
Emery A. Johnson, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


Part 1, Chapter 3, Section 1, pages 1-5.
Exhibit 1-3.3(8).


Part 1, Chapter 3, Section 1, pages 1 and 2 TN 18 and pages 3 and 4, TN 69.7.


Remove superseded pages and file attached material in its place.  Retain all exhibits and Table of Contents.
Pen and Ink change to Table of Contents:  25 USC 13, the Snyder Act, X-1-3.3(8).

Distribution:  HSM 105-105; HSM 107-108; HSM 111/118 Tab d
Date:  July 9, 1974