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Transmittal Notice 86-05

TN 86-05


On April 21, 1983 the Administrator, Health Resources and Services Administration delegated to the Director, Indian Health Service certain authorities under Title V of the Public Health Service Act.  Title V of the Public Health Service Act was redesignated Title XXI of the PHS Act by Public Law 98-24.  Section 2116 was added to Title XXI of the PHS Act by Public Law 99-272.

Section 2116 provides authority to enter into contracts with fiscal agents.

It should be particularly noted that the authority to hire fiscal agents may also be exercised by Indian tribes and tribal organizations in accordance with the provisions of Section 2116.

/Signature for/
Everett R. Rhoades, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


Delegations of Authority - Exhibit 1-5.2E-20, TN 86.5, dated May 27, 1986.




File the attached Exhibit 1-5.2E-20 material in its entirety after Exhibit 1-5.2E-19.  Make pen and ink change to Index incorporating the title and exhibit number for Exhibit 1-5.2E-20 under the index entitled EXHIBITS 1-5.2E-MISCELLANEOUS.

Distribution:  PSD 557
Date:  May 27, 1986