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Transmittal Notice 96-10

TN 96-10


This transmittal forwards the attached Delegation of Authority Memorandum, Subject:  Delegation of Authority for Real Property.  The Administrative authorities relating to the purchase, disposal and transfer of real property for the Indian Health Service (IHS) are delegated to the Associate Director, Office of Environmental Health and Engineering, to be exercised IHS-wide.

/Michael H. Trujillo, M.D./
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


Delegation of Authority Memorandum from the Director, IHS, To the DHO; and memorandum from the DHO to the Associate Director, OEHE, Subject:  Delegation of Authority for Real Property, (Administrative/Financial/Contracting #38).




File the attached memoranda in the Master Copy Administrative/Financial/Contracting Delegations of Authority at Tab #38.  Add the titles DHO and Associate Director, OEHE, to the Administrative/Financial/Contracting Index Delegated To Column, along with the date of memoranda, located in Indian Health Manual (IHM), Part 1, Chapter 5 - Delegations of Authority.

Log in and file this transmittal notice in sequence in the Transmittal Notice Section of the IHM.

Distribution:  PSD 557 (Indian Health Service Mailing Key)
Date:  August 8, 1996