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Transmittal Notice 03-05

TN 03-05


This is to transmit a copy of the new Indian Health Manual (IHM), Part 8, "Information Resources Management," Chapters 1-12, Indian Health Service (IHS) Manual System.  This Part establishes IHS policies, procedures, and responsibilities for Information Resources Management and Information Technology (IT) to ensure compliance with legislative- and executive-level guidance and to support the needs of the IHS.  The Part also establishes IHS policies, procedures, and responsibilities related to the operations and management of IT functions and activities performed within the scope of the IHS.

/Charles W. Grim, D.D.S./
Charles W. Grim, D.D.S., M.H.S.A.
Assistant Surgeon General
Interim Director


The new IHM 8-1 through 8-12


IHS Circular No. 2001-04, "Limited Use of Information Technology Resources"
IHS Circular No. 2001-03, "Information Systems Advisory Committee"
IHS Circular No. 93-06, "Automated Information Systems Security Program"
IHS Circular No. 70-01, "Development of Automated Data Processing"


Insert the attached copy of the attached IHM 8-1 through 8-12, in its place.

Log and file this TN in sequential order.

Distribution:  IHS-Wide
Date:  August 06, 2003