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Transmittal Notice 17-07

TN 17-07


The purpose of this Transmittal Notice (TN) is to transmit a copy of the new Part 4, Chapter 7, "Lactation Support Program," Indian Health Manual (IHM).  The purpose of this chapter is to update the policy from an IHS Circular to a Part and Chapter format and to revise guidance for supervisors in recognition of the documented health advantages of breastfeeding for infants and mothers and what the benefits of breastfeeding are to the employer.

/Chris Buchanan/
RADM Chris Buchanan, R.E.H.S., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General, USPHS
Acting Director
Indian Health Service


Part 4, Chapter 7, "Lactation Support Program," IHM


Indian Health Service Circular No. 2006-05, dated July 7, 2006


Insert the attached copy of Part 4, Chapter 7, "Lactation Support Program," IHM, including the chapter Table of Contents, in its place after IHM, Part 4, Chapter 6 and remove IHS Circular No. 2006-05 in its entirety.  Log and file this TN in sequential order.

Distribution:  IHS-wide
Date:  02/13/2017