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IHS COVID-19 Implementation Progress and Safety Update

February 25 , 2021


Webinar will inform healthcare team members at all levels about clinical aspects, logistics and complexities of the novel COVID-19 vaccines. 



1. Examine vaccine allocations from  Federal Vaccine Response Operation, IHS distribution processes and platforms for reviewing vaccine administration data.

2. Apply lessons learned in the first month of vaccine use for the two products currently approved under an EUA.

3. Examine available data on the safety of the vaccines approved under an EUA that has been collected to date.

4. Describe vaccine products on the horizon – looking forward to the next potential COVID-19 vaccines.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

12pm EST

Event Registration Required

Event Sponsor: IHS

Who Should Attend: All Health Care Team Members



Contact Info

Kailee Fretland
(218) 697-0173