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Speech Pathologist

Salary Range: $71,240 to $106,860 / Per Year
Open Period: 4/29/2017 to 5/5/2017
Summary: This Speech Pathology in Tuba City, AZ. RELOCATION ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE. LOAN REPAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE About Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp: The unique community of Tuba City offers a culturally rich environment. The Native American tribes located and served here are the Navajo, Hopi, and Southern Paiute. This mixture along with Anglo, Hispanic, and African American employees of the hospital and school systems make a pleasantly diverse community.

This position is responsible for the daily clinical operation. Coordinates and supervises clinical and technical services provided in patient care areas and provides direct patient care consistent with the caseload and schedule demands for outpatient, inpatient, and specialty clinics within the Physical Rehabilitation Department. Responsible for performing employee performance evaluations, management, participates in short and long range department planning and budget planning/preparation and the development of standards, policies and procedures, and programs based on community and/or patient needs as well as goals and objectives to accomplish program goals. Business involves daily interaction with multidisciplinary teams of patients, visitors, and outside business organizations, and other departments and clinics. Supervises the TCRHCC Physical Rehabilitation Department OT and SLP staff, and non-clinical staff that may be delegated to the incumbent. Provides leadership in the absence of the Physical Rehabilitation Director and/or Physical Rehabilitation management staff.
Duties: 1. Develops and manages a comprehensive Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy [SLP/OT] program that addresses care and treatment of all age levels. 2. Develops and addresses policies and procedures, quality assurance [CQI], risk management and infection control, Joint Commission preparation [ongoing], strategic planning, monthly and annual reports, budget, attendance at required meetings, patient and staff education, supervision of subordinate personnel, students and volunteers. 3. Managing projects within and outside of TCRHCC or as assigned. 4. Conducts meetings, relays policy and/or procedure changes, chairs and/or participates on committees within the department. 5. Serves as a resource to all TCRHCC clinics/departments for Physical Rehabilitation Services. Responsible for OT/SLP goals and objectives. Plans, develops, implements, and evaluates vital aspects of the program including continuing education, career development, peer review, and performance improvement. Utilizes clinical resources to assist in the development of strategic planning. Develops and implements staff development programs for the continued enrichment of the staff and the programs. 6. Maintains close communication with the Director of Physical Rehabilitation Services for all department needs including but not limited to staff, patients, administration, monthly statistics, budget, space, specialty clinics, inpatient, outpatient, equipment, etc. 7. Provides administrative direction to all TCRHCC SLP and OT and assigned non-clinical personnel to ensure recruitment of qualified personnel, adequate staffing levels, and coordination of professional affiliations for students/volunteers. Identifies strengths/weaknesses of staff provide/coordinate ongoing educational resources to the staff and provides clinical supervision to all Physical Rehabilitation staff. 8. Monitors routine department statistics reflecting staff and clinic productivity providing routine reporting to leadership, establishes baseline productivity standards for providers [OT and SLP]. 9. Resolves critical problems which may arise within the Physical Rehabilitation Department. Networks with other leadership and staff to assure access to care and coordination of related medical services. 10. Participates in planning and execution of needs to satisfy objectives/goals and devotes 50-75 of working hours to direct patient care. Provides appropriate consultation, evaluation and treatment to in- and out-patients of all diagnosis and all age levels referred to OT/SLP. Establishes and carries out treatment plans towards short and long term goals, modifies and/or discontinues treatment as appropriate. 11. Maintains current knowledge, skills and abilities appropriate to the profession [SLP and/or OT] and health care in general. Maintains professional license. Keeps credentials file current. Shows proof of continuing education including annual CPR renewal. Requests and obtains clinical privileges. 12. Performs other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: Education: Bachelors’ Degree in Occupational Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology from an accredited school. Experience: Five [5] years of clinical experience with management in a tribal healthcare facility. Licensure: Must possess a valid, current, full and unrestricted license in any state within the United States, District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Work Type: Permanent, Full
Announcement #: TC-2017-0016
Who May Apply? All Groups of Qualified Individuals
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