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Optometrist [Clinical]

Salary Range: $0 to $0 / Per Year
Open Period: 5/23/2017 to 12/31/2018
Summary: It's an exciting time for Tséhootsooí Medical Center as we continue to grow, always remaining adaptable, motivated and responsive to the healthcare needs of northeastern Arizona. As we continue to meet and bring inspired physicians to the diverse cultures of the Colorado Plateau, TMC's core value of a work-life-balance defines the way we provide rural medicine. We look forward to the opportunity to review you qualifications at

OPTOMETRIST opportunity in Northeastern Arizona. Beyond the city, bona-fide treasures of panoramic delights await you in Fort Defiance, Arizona! Tséhootsooí Medical Center is the primary hospital for Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board's healthcare delivery system. Accredited by CMS, TMC provides general outpatient and inpatient healthcare to 16 surrounding communities. TMC also provides same-day surgery, a diagnostic center, a growing network of primary care and ancillary services.
Duties: Under general supervision, provides direct and comprehensive primary, preventive and therapeutic medical and optometric care to individuals across the spectrum of age and development within a high risk population. Responsible for the diagnosis and treatment/management of visual and ocular disorders/diseases. CLINICAL DUTIES: Independently provides direct comprehensive clinical optometric care in an outpatient setting. Utilizes advanced optometric procedures and instrumentation to diagnose and manage ocular disorders/disease uses a full field of optometric instruments and equipment such things as patient's visual acuity amplitude of accommodation refractive state at far and near point and accommodation, convergence, and binocular coordination. Conducts fundus examination through bio microscopy, including viewing with fixed lens and camera. Utilizes ophthalmometry for high astigmatic diagnosis including utilization of laboratory, radiology services to evaluate ophthalmic conditions consults with ophthalmologist when appropriate. Employs low vision aids such as telescopic and microscopic lenses for correction of sub-normal vision. Calculates proper prescription employing formulas ranging from those necessary to calculate simple, single corrective lenses, through those necessary to calculate contact lenses, prisms, iseikonic and aphakia lenses. Determines proper remedial alternative and discusses and interprets finding with patients suggesting appropriate remedial method, including coordination of medical eye care services with other physicians and/or specialist within and outside of FDIHB. Performs minor surgical procedures [suture removal, corneal foreign body removal] consistent with hospital clinical privileges. Provides total patient care including prevention, health maintenance, early diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services. Assures preparation and completion of comprehensive medical records in a timely appropriate manner in compliance with applicable guidelines. Provides emergency on-call consultation and care as directed on a monthly basis. ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES: Participates in mandatory departmental and hospital staff meetings. Actively participates in any departmental QA/PI projects. Supervises optometric resident/interns when applicable. Maintains clinical competence through continuing medical education, self-study, review of professional journals and proficiency training in the use of new bio-medical ophthalmic devices and equipment. Provides professional and technical in-services to facility personnel when applicable. Provides written reports as needed by other physicians and/or agencies.
Qualifications: Experience. Two [2] years clinical experience in Optometry or Completion of an accredited Optometry Residency Program. Education. Doctoral of Optometry degree or professional degree in Optometry from a school accredited by the Council on Optometric Education of the the American Optometric Association. Must be therapeutic pharmaceutical agents [TPA] and Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Agents [DPA] certified. Active unrestricted Optometrist License from any U.S. State or Territory. Current, valid, unrestricted Drug Enforcement Agency [DEA] License. Knowledge of the information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat human injuries, diseases, and deformities pertaining to optics, eyes, and vision. This includes symptoms, treatment alternatives, drug properties and interactions, and preventative health-care measures. Knowledge of experience or mores and customs of ethnic groups on the Navajo Reservation and the ability to appreciate cultural differences. Knowledge of hospital-wide policy and procedures, and medical functions to coordinate and participate in departmental activities. Skill in tactful communications, judgment and persuasiveness. Skill in communicating information and ideas both in writing and verbally for other to understand. Skill in the use of all forms of topical ophthalmic diagnostic and therapeutic pharmacological agents to evaluate, diagnose and manage disorders of the visual and ocular system. Skill in providing quality patient care that is carried out in a respectful caring manner, with cultural awareness. Ability to give clear verbal and written instructions has excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to use oral therapeutic medicines as indicated to treat/manage ocular pathology. Ability to competently diagnose and manage a caseload where 60-70 is comprised of ocular pathology. Ability to meet and deal with a variety of internal and external customers. Ability to be educated in the proficient use of numerous technical medical and ophthalmological devices. Ability to maintain good working relationships with individuals and families. Meets the criteria for Credentialing Privileging of FDIHB Medical Staff Membership of the FDIHB Medical Staff Bylaws. A record of satisfactory performance in all prior and current employment as evidenced by positive employment references from previous and current employers. SALARY IS DEPENDENT ON EXPERIENCE.
Work Type: Permanent, Full
Announcement #: MED-17-00033
Who May Apply? US Citizens
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