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Physical Therapist I-II | Adv Physical Therapist

Salary Range: $0 to $0 / Per Year
Open Period: 7/16/2021 to 7/31/2021
Summary: The LeChee Health Facility, a part of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC), located just three miles south of Page, Arizona, next to the LeChee Chapter House. LeChee Health Facility will be a community-based clinic aimed at providing Native American beneficiaries living in LeChee, AZ and surrounding communities with non-urgent primary healthcare. Services are provided by Credentialed Physicians and support staff. Salary Range: $73,128 to $111,018

The Physical Therapist I/II / Advanced Physical Therapist I/II position serves to provide quality physical therapy services to a predominately Native American population for the treatment or prevention of physical disability or disease. Responsible for management and implementation of Physical Therapy program; provision of physical therapy evaluation and treatment of outpatients, ages ranging from birth through geriatric; provision of specialty services such as wound care, assistive technology/adaptive equipment evaluation/treatment; assumes direction and development of the physical therapy section to include continuing quality improvement, risk management and safety, physical therapy policies and procedures; JCAHO preparation, staff education, reporting, staff meeting and in-service, and other duties. Responsibilities also include that listed on the Medical Staff Credentialing Core Privileges form.
Duties: Clinical duties: 1. Incumbent performs professional work requiring the application of knowledge in the concepts, principles and practices of Physical Therapy for the treatment or prevention of physical disability or disease for patient care. 2. Incumbent is responsible for a high degree of professional competence, skill and judgment in assessment, planning and carrying out the full range of treatment modalities, patient education and discharge planning of a variety of outpatient situations. Treatment objectives are complex, and procedures involve application of highly specialized skills and knowledge. 3. Provides consultation to medical or clinical staff on matters pertaining to physical therapy and/or patient progress. Incumbent exercises tact, good judgment and persuasiveness when dealing with these individuals. 4. Provides and assures quality patient care. 5. Participates in clinical research efforts and assists in specialty clinics. 6. Assists the supervisor and staff in all aspects of Physical Therapy Services and administrative tasks as assigned. 7. Responsible for electronic health records data entry pertinent to patient service role prior to duties as assigned or where it is appropriate to place. 8. Ensure proper PPE is always worn while on duty including but not limited to, face mask, gloves, gown, isolation gown, NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator or higher, if available), and eye or face shield. 9. Complete all donning and doffing tasks in a safe acceptable method and discard of used PPE accordingly. (see CDC website for most current updates) 10. Complete task training for all routine cleaning and decontamination processes for all surfaces contaminated by a communicable disease to ensure a high level of patient, visitor, employee and external customer satisfaction. 11. Advanced Physical Therapist II – provide patient care within specialty scope of practice according to board certification. Education (Physical Therapist I/II & Advanced Physical Therapist I/II): 1. Maintains and/or obtains training, certification, or continuing education requirements for licensure and/or other specialties. Provides information to staff. 2. Assists with direction and coordination of educational programs; assists with training and in-service in physical therapy techniques for physical rehabilitation technicians, students, volunteers, and hospital/clinic staff. 3. Counsels patients, family members, and care providers on all patient education, safely and effectively, of material pertaining to plan of care/ therapeutic intervention. 4. Advanced Physical Therapist II – maintain all requirements and implement for patient care for specialty scope of practice according to board certification. Performance Improvement (Physical Therapist I/II & Advanced Physical Therapist I/II): 1. Identifies and reports any departmental issues pertaining to patient care, process flow, provider interaction, supplies, and other issues that create inefficiencies or dissatisfaction. Identifies area for improvement to reduce the risk of patient care injury and to enhance departmental operations. 2. Evaluates clinical skills as needed to enhance patient care and department operations. 3. Maintains recommendations upon identifying area needing of improvement. Re-evaluate needs for further improvement. 4. Participates in hospital/clinic committee as a representative for physical rehabilitation services. Provides and receives information for departmental improvement, disseminates information and offers implementation at the department level. 5. Participates and continues with professional association, continuing education, workshops, networking and collaboration to maintain knowledge of physical therapy practice. 6. Other duties as assigned (clinical, education, performance improvement).
Qualifications: Education (Physical Therapist I/II & Advanced Physical Therapist I/II): Bachelors' Degree from CAPTE accredited school of Physical Therapy Licensure (Physical Therapist I/II & Advanced Physical Therapist I/II): Must possess a valid, current, full and unrestricted license in any state within the United States, District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Credentialing: Must meet all requirements and undergo the credential process by TCRHCC to serve on the Medical Staff. Experience: Physical Therapist I • Years of experience N/A Physical Therapist II • A minimum of one (1) year experience as a licensed Physical Therapist Advanced Physical Therapist I • A minimum of four (4) years' experience as a licensed Physical Therapist Advanced Physical Therapist II • A minimum of five (5) years' experience as a licensed Physical Therapist and/or • APTA Board Certification Specialist as a licensed Physical Therapist If the applicant is hired in a lower tier, he/she will have the opportunity to advance to the next higher tier based upon experience. For example: Physical Therapist II move to Advanced Physical Therapist I. Eligibility for Advanced Physical Therapist I/II is determined by completion of required credentialing, licensing, and experience qualifications. Experience and criteria will be evaluated by the Director of Physical Rehabilitation Services to determine and approve the tier the applicant will be placed.
Work Type: Permanent, Full
Announcement #: REH-21-00002
Who May Apply? All Groups of Qualified Individuals
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