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Physician Assistant | Nurse Practitioner

Type: Tribal
Salary Range: $ 0 - $ 0 / Per Year
Open Period: 2/18/2022 to 8/27/2022
Summary: A State Designated Level III Trauma Center and Certified Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics as a Pediatric Prepared Emergency Care Emergency Department. LOCATION AND LIFESTYLE: • Live and work on the beautiful Navajo Reservation, near national parks and forests, canyon country, ski area a day trip away • The unique community of Tuba City offers a culturally rich environment and a rewarding career in an underserved area • Easy drive to Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Snowbowl ski area, Las Vegas • Easy access to hiking, biking, fishing, skiing • Excellent work/life balance • Very close, collaborative medical staff The unique community of Tuba City offers a culturally rich environment. The Native American tribes located and served here are the Navajo, Hopi, and Southern Paiute. This mixture along with Anglo, Hispanic, and African American employees of the hospital and school systems make a pleasantly diverse community.

This position serves as a Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP), which involves performance of medical care services for patients of all ages in the Emergency Department. Interviews, assesses, and evaluates patients to determine their physical condition and type of medical services needed, and orders initial diagnostic studies appropriate for the patient's medical condition.
Duties: 1. Provides comprehensive diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic health care services to patients. Documents visits in the medical records of patients including updating problem lists. 2. Secures a health and developmental history from the patient or parent, records findings and contributes in making critical evaluations. Performs or requests special screening and developmental tests and laboratory tests and reviews and interprets obvious results. 3. Provides emergency services or crisis intervention in the absence of the physician. Review and evaluates the nursing and medical aspects of care, plans periodically, recognizing when there is a need for reassessment by the physician or other health professionals. 4. Gives direct physical and psychological care in emergencies and in the presence of illness or disability in order to maintain life, provide comfort, reduce distress and enhance coping ability. Identifies and manages a full range of complex to general illnesses. 5. Comfortable handling of basic trauma, suturing, fracture reduction, chest pain & abdominal pain work up. 6. Performs a basic physical assessment using techniques of observation, inspection, auscultation, percussion, palpation and diagnostic instruments. Discriminates between normal and abnormal findings to recognize early stages of serious physical, emotional, and mental problems. 7. Consults and collaborates with other health care professionals to establish health care plans and to review patient progress and response to therapy, including the use of written referrals to Community Health Nurses, specialty clinics, schools, etc. 8. Adheres to medical regimens to stabilize chronically ill persons and adjusts regimens within established protocols. Makes decisions concerning medical care needs of patients consulting with physicians as appropriate. Works collaboratively with the physician in management of selected complex medical problems. Makes referrals for home visits when indicted to implement a care plan based on family needs. 9. Provides health care and preventive services to healthy individuals including immunizations, guidance in nutrition, common illnesses, accidents, child growth and development, substance abuse, exercise, and depression screening. 10. Teaches patients and family member(s) ways to maintain or improve their health status. 11. Carries out treatments and procedures, administers medications; observes and documents changes in patient's condition, reactions to medications and treatments. Responsible for prescribing medications including computation of doses. 12. Participates in planning, instituting, evaluating, and revision program plan, assist in determining conditions, resources, and policies essential to delivery of health care services. Participates in a teaching capacity in the development of other health care workers. 13. Participates in performance improvement initiatives which may involve chart reviews, studies relevant to health care and nursing needs of patients. 14. Keeps abreast of the latest medical knowledge via CME as required by respective licensing agency. 15. Handwriting must be legible and must be willing to use an Electronic Health Record. 16. Performs other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: Education: Bachelor's Degree Experience: At least 2 years' experience working in emergency department or urgent care setting. Comfort with the treatment and management urgent and emergency conditions from suturing to fracture reduction to sick patient with abdominal pain; sees 4 patients per hour continuously for 12 hour shift in Fast Track setting; and has a good command of ACEP Standards and clinical policies. Licensure/Certification: • Must possess a valid, current, full and unrestricted license to practice as a nurse practitioner in any state within the United States, District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico • Must possess a certificate from the NCCPA (National Commission for Certified Physician Assistants) or the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Credentialing: Must be credentialed and privileged to serve on the Medical Staff Other Skills and Abilities: A record of satisfactory performance in all prior and current employment as evidenced by positive employment references from previous and current employers. All employment references must address and indicate success in each one of the following areas: • Positive working relationships with others; has the ability to work effectively in a culturally diverse environment • Possession of high ethical standards and no history of complaints • Reliable and dependable; reports to work as scheduled without excessive absences • Must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills to optimize the care of patients • Excellent clinical skills and judgment • Is seen as a staff member who is trustworthy and willing to share information • Is a mentor to colleagues and other organizational staff • Responds effectively to sensitive inquiries or complaints
Work Type: Permanent, Full
Announcement #: EME-22-00002
Who May Apply? All Groups of Qualified Individuals
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