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We are very excited to announce the sneak peak of the newly redesigned -! There are so many reasons we did this redesign, but the major reasons are:

  1. Make more useful, move to format similar to other Federal websites, increase patient information, and make frequently sought information easier to find.
  2. Increase end user satisfaction through improved layout, functionality, and content.

Since the very first was developed, we have had a lot of our content categorized and focused on us - IHS employees - but we have acknowledged that it isn't what is for and hope this redesign helps you, our external users, find and accomplish the things you need to do.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Implement a top horizontal navigation bar
  • Feature Find Health Care and Job Search boxes on the home page
  • Include sections dedicated to patients, providers, and communities
  • More prominent Director's Corner
    • Freestanding webpages
    • Easier to navigate, find, and promote as they will all have own web address
    • Example:
  • Created a searchable Newsroom that includes:
    • Announcements
    • Congressional Testimony
    • Director's Blogs
    • Director's Speeches
    • Fact Sheets
    • Press Releases
    • Reports to Congress and Tribal Leader Letters
  • Includes LOTS more images!
  • Updated and new content

Please take a look, and let us know what you think by going to contact us.