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IHS Publishes IHM Chapter 3-42, Patient Safety

On November 30, the IHS published Indian Health Manual Chapter 3-42, Patient Safety. This marks an important step in the execution of the 2023 Agency Work Plan, the implementation of the IHS Total System Safety Strategy, and the development of an enterprise-wide patient safety program.

In January, IHS leadership implemented the 2023 Agency Work Plan, which includes the publication of a standardized IHS Patient Safety policy. In March, the agency released the TSS Strategy, a roadmap for the development of an overarching, agency-wide patient safety program that provides standardized processes, tools, training, and mechanisms for oversight. Implementation of an agency patient safety policy was also included as an objective of the TSS Strategy.

The Office of Quality collaborated with IHS areas, IHS Chief Medical Officer Dr. Loretta Christensen, and key stakeholders to draft the new agency-level patient safety policy. It supersedes all local and area-level Patient Safety policies. Further information regarding policy training will be forthcoming from the IHS Office of Quality.