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The privilege of working with the American Indian and Alaskan Natives is the greatest benefit of a professional career within the Indian Health Service. There is ample opportunity to be a part of reducing health care disparities, and improving the health, and quality of life of the individuals we serve. Working for the Indian Health Service, or a Tribal Health Program provides an opportunity to be a part of a larger, culturally rich community with deep traditions and knowledge to share.

Rehabilitation staff work in close communication and camaraderie with other medical and health care providers. As a health care team, we work toward providing evidence-based medical care and patient education.

Working in a rural community can be extremely rewarding. It provides an opportunity to be creative in providing quality care utilizing limited resources.There are also ample opportunities to develop a diverse career working with the Indian Health Service. You can choose to work for the Indian health service as a commissioned Officer in the United States Public health Service or a Federal Civil Servant. You may also be hired for a position as a Tribal Employee. Regardless of which personnel system you are working with, the advancement opportunities and diversity of employment settings offer a challenging and rewarding career.

Contact us for more information or view the current vacancies to find your opportunity.

Dawn Dineyazhe, DPT CDR, USPHS
Chief of Physical Therapy
Crownpoint Healthcare Facility
PO Box 358
Crownpoint, NM 87313

Ana P. Sandee LT, USPHS
Chief of Physical Therapy(A)
Physical Therapy Department
USPHS Lawton Indian Hospital
1515 Lawrie Tatum Rd.
Lawton, OK 73507
Phone: 580-354-5565
Fax: 580-354-5264